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Blog / Taffy 1.1, Codename: Cowbell

It was beginning to seem like Taffy 1.1 would turn into vaporware, but I'm happy to report that it definitely is not. I'm thrilled to officially release Taffy 1.1 (codename: cowbell) today!

SNL "more cowbell" skit


A lot has changed. You can read the full release notes on the wiki, but here are the highlights:

  • Now fully tested and supported on Railo 3.2+!
  • Extensive test suite added to prevent regressions and aid community contributions.
  • Moved mime type configuration into representation class metadata instead of Application.cfc configuration code.
  • Snippets for CFEclipse/CFBuilder.
  • Overhauled Bean Factory (ColdSpring) integration. Now support 3 different integration levels.
  • LOTS more examples included in the download.
  • TONS of new documentation.
  • Now support streaming files and binary variables (like images).
  • Added notion of "unhandled paths" (similar to FW/1), where you can specify a set of subfolders inside your API that Taffy will not take over the request lifecycle.
  • Image/file uploads!
  • Bug fixes, of course...

Did you know that we have a google group now, too?

Deprecation Warnings

Both the registerMimeType() and setDefaultMimeType() methods are now deprecated and scheduled to be removed as early as version 2.0. If your existing code uses these methods, take a look at the Configuration via Metadata wiki page.

Additionally, representation class overrides (providing a 2nd argument to the representationOf method) are now deprecated and will be removed in version 2.0. If you're using this feature currently, please contact me (email, google group)! I can't think of a valid use case for it, but if you have one then I can re-open the ticket that brought my attention back to this "feature".


Taffy has been the first open source project I've ever worked on in which I had the pleasure to work with several volunteers providing patches (pull requests, these days), and I owe them all a great debt of gratitude. In no particular order, they are: Brian Panulla, David Long, Greg Moser, Dan Lancelot, Steve Rittler, and Barney Boisvert. I sincerely apologize if I'm forgetting anyone!

And of course, thank you to everyone who submits bug reports and enhancement requests!

What's next?

Planning for the next version of Taffy has already begun. Whether that release is version 1.2 or 2.0 is yet to be decided. The Roadmap is available on the wiki.

Thank You!

As always, I am humbled by the positive reaction people seem to have to Taffy. Thank you all for trying it, and I hope it lives up to your expectations!