Adam Tuttle

Taffy Office Hours

Taffy Office Hours

As suggested and discussed in the comments of my post How Should we Celebrate Taffy's 3rd Birthday? I'm going to try something new and interesting.

Starting on August 23rd (just a few days away), I'll be holding monthly "Office Hours" for Taffy. It will be an opportunity for you to come and ask about a Taffy-related problem you're having or an idea you want feedback on, as well as an opportunity for me to interact with the Taffy community together, instead of one-off via email. It sounds like a lot of fun, to me!

If it's well received and a good use of all of our time, then I can see it becoming a monthly thing - even sort of a video podcast, for those that can't make it in real time. I'm thinking Fourth Fridays; which aligns well with the 3rd birthday approaching, and who doesn't like to set aside an extra hour for pseudo-work on Fridays?

Logistics #

When: Friday, August 23rd from 11:00am to 12:00pm US-Eastern

Where: A Google+ Hangout, for the first 10 to arrive - to be streamed live on YouTube for anyone beyond the 10 person hangout limit.

Want to submit your question/topic in advance? Here's a form to do just that!

In addition to the advance topic submission form, I'll also make sure I'm in the IRC chat room #taffy on freenode so that we can have live interaction with anyone watching the youtube stream.