Adam Tuttle

301 Moved Permanently

I've been itching to move my blog for a while now, and it's finally done!

For the time being, my email address will stay the same, for those of you that might have it and be wondering what to do about that. I've been using it for 8+ years, which means I've accumulated a crap-ton of associated website accounts. I couldn't stop using it any time soon, even if I wanted to.

I do want to make an attempt to port all –or most– of my old articles over, at some point. And once that's done, I may make an attempt to import old comments into Disqus β€” after enabling it for new comments at the new site, of course.

I know that Disqus is not universally loved. I hear it's disabled by some corporate firewalls, which is a shame. But static sites really are pretty awesome, so it's (kind of) a small price to pay.

You can find the new blog here:

Go check out the new site. There's not a lot there, but I'm very happy with it so far, and I have lots of plans to continue improving it.