Adam Tuttle

Revisiting Makefile Automatic Updates

Another post about Makefiles? Sure, why not.

Last time I wrote about how we were doing inheritence with Makefiles, and how I had figured out a way to use curl and a link-shortener (that I control, so I can update the links) to achieve easy updates; but they weren't automatic. And if there's anything that's undeniably true about me in 2021, it's that I have fully embraced the lazy lifestyle.

Remember back when buying stuff online would involve paying extra for shipping, and you had to wait multiple days, sometimes weeks for things to arrive? I have my ethical gripes about Amazon, but I can't deny that Amazon Prime has spoiled me rotten with free 2-day (and sometimes next-day or even same-day) shipping.

Why can't we bring that level of laziness to all aspects of life?

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