JavaScript and Plane Fumes

Adam Tuttle

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I write code, jump out of airplanes, make stuff from wood, and write about all of that stuff here. I'm CTO for AlumnIQ, but we're a pretty small company so I wear many hats: coder, humane interface designer, and technical debt herder. I used to blog more often, but that was before I fell in love with both woodworking and skydiving. I identify as Philadelphian, but I live in the suburbs.

Most Recent Blog Posts

Socially I'm most active on Twitter. I use GitHub daily, but mostly for work these days. Still, I can be found putzing around in open source as needed and as my interests motivate. I have two Instagram accounts, for woodworking, and skydiving). I also have two YouTube channels, for skydiving, and code nerdistry. When time allows, I also like to read, so you can see what I've been reading over on GoodReads. I am a devout believer in the oxford comma.

I joined AlumnIQ as employee #2 in 2012, where I have become the CTO and Lead developer, shaping and building technology that aims to revolutionize Higher Education Advancement, and Alumni Relations. In my time here, I've helped grow the company from two people to five.

I work from home on a geographically distributed, 100% remote team, which means that on most days I get the privilege of making breakfast and lunch for my two children. I have a strange addiction to collecting board games even though we don't play them as much as I'd like.

In more recent years I've found that I love woodworking, so when I'm not coding or falling out of various aricraft you'll most often find me in my basement turning wood into things.

I love traveling, whether it be for work, to attend or speak at an event, or vacationing. I've lived on all three Continental American coasts, and The Azores. My dog is named after a character from Futurama. I've called 911 in two different emergency situations. One of them was for my brother. I swam a mile, camped in deep snow, hiked some parts of the Appalachain Trail and different parts of Redwood National and State Parks. I've never been to the Grand Canyon. I remember attending 6 different schools up to and including high school, but it might have been more. I can tie a bowline knot with one hand. My favorite author is Bill Bryson, but my favorite book genre is hard science fiction. Space operas are my jam.

Speaking of books, I wrote and self-published a book: REST Assured— and I did it over the course of two weeks, after work. If you use or build APIs, it might interest you.

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