REST Web APIs: The Book

I've decided to write a book about designing REST Web APIs. I'm calling it REST Web APIs: The Book.

Pre-Order REST Web APIs for $12

I get asked for my opinion on some facet of API design at least once a week, so I decided that I would try to distill my opinions into a concise, pragmatic book so that you can take me with you wherever you go. On a thumb drive or your kindle! (It's going to be an ebook, at least at first.)

This is not a ColdFusion or Taffy book. It will have Taffy (and thus ColdFusion) code toward the end to illustrate the concepts described throughout the book. It's not entirely conceptual, but the bits that are concrete will be referring to the browser or raw http requests moreso than the code you write to make your API work.

I'm targeting completion on or by Noon, December 19th. Of this year. Two weeks from now. Yes, I know that's a little bit crazy; but I'm attempting to embrace the "Just Ship It!" mantra. I'm sure there will be updates, but they will always be free for every buyer, so what are you waiting for?

Go pre-order my book!

Once it's done I'll be charging $19 for it. If you pre-order, you can have it for $12, as a thank you for believing in me. And if you're one of the first five buyers to use this link you get even more of a discount for your enthusiasm. Sold Out!

I'll be teasing more information over the next two weeks, but for now I'm just going to leave it at that.

Did I mention that the first 5 pre-orders at this link get an extra discount? I did? Good. Sold Out!

Pre-Order for $12


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