My First 100 Jumps

Just shy of two weeks ago I completed my 100th skydive, which was a huge accomplishment for me. It took me around 18 months to collect that many (not counting the 15 year layoff between jumps #1 and #2).

This isn't some sort of brag: 100 is only a drop in the bucket in the average skydiving career. People that work in the sport can get thousands of jumps in a year. Most active hobbyist jumpers these days don't have much trouble getting 100+ in a year; and in fact I'm hoping to come close to that for calendar year 2016, but for {reasons} I am not able to jump as often as I'd like. Also, there are additional restrictions while you're a student, which I was from May (#2) to August 2014 (#25), resulting in reduced jump numbers.

Let's be honest: I'd jump twenty times every day if I could, so there's probably no reasonable amount that will satisfy the "as much as I'd like" criteria.

Anyway, here is a compilation of some of the video from my first 100 jumps.

Jump #100 is not included in the compilation because nobody on the jump had a camera. C'est la vie.

For those of you wondering, in the USA you're not allowed to wear a camera until around 200 jumps. There are more rules and it gets more technical than that, but we'll just leave it at: wearing a camera is something I still have to look forward to, not something I can do yet.


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