Notes on Notes Apps

Lots and lots of sticky notes stuck to a wall

I'd love to have a conversation about note taking, and especially about note taking apps.

What do you use, how do you use it, and what makes it work well for you? I realize these are big questions and probably worthy of linking out to your own blog post, if you have a blog. Please do! Or leave a comment, or link to a youtube video you like, or whatever works. I just need a better solution for taking notes.

I've tried dozens of note taking apps over the years and never found one that works well for me.

At the moment I'm using Google Keep, because it's easily shared between my phone and computer, and it's... ok. I don't have a ton of information in it, but I can already see how unweildy it will get once I do have lots of notes. Is there a good way to keep it organized?

I tried Notion, but I think it's a little too open-ended for me. I found it overwhelming to figure out how to use it in the first place, and then since it's so customizable, every little job takes a bunch of effort to get it to look and act how you want. I'd rather fit someone else's mold as long as it's close to what I'd like and does most of the work for me.

I've heard good things about gatsby-theme-notes but I haven't tried it yet. From what I've seen it mostly seems like some Markdown files with decent formatting and you can put them in folders?

So I'm dying to know. Where do you keep notes? What do you like about it? What do you hate about it? How do you keep them well organized and stay productive?


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