Book Updates and Livestreams

📘☝️📅 Book updates

The last update I published for REST Assured was in February of 2019. It's time for another. There's at least one topic that I intentionally glossed over back in 2015 (JWT) because it was so new and not yet widely used that there was no way to know if it would stand the test of time. To be honest, I didn't know much about it yet, either. JWT has proven itself useful in the last 5 years, so it's time to give it fair representation in the book.

There are other areas that could use some attention, but while I have your attention I should ask: Have you read REST Assured and wished it covered some other aspect of REST or of API's in general? Did I not dive deep enough into a topic, or did my explanation fall short of connecting with you? Leave a comment and let me know, and I just might make your wish come true in the next edition.

📺 💻 More than just a book?!

I also want to create additional resources to offer bundled with the book.

If you're like me, you learn better from (or is it pay better attention to?) video content than books. I think that a set of screencasts that explain the concepts from the book in a video format could be really useful.

I'm also thinking about adding a sample application. It would be something simple and straight forward, like a todo list, but it would implement (almost?) every concept from the book for easy reference.

I haven't figured out the precise details yet, but I'll be absolutely certain that anyone who purchased the book before the bonus resource bundles were available can get a huge discount on the upgrade.

📹 ⏯️ Livestreams, too!

I've taken an interest in livestream video lately, too. I'd like to stream the entire process of updating the book and creating the screencasts and sample application. The streams are sure to be less refined than the final product, but you can get a lot of this bonus content for free by tuning in live or watching the stream recordings.

Plus you get to watch me flub the script and mock me in the stream chat.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel (and be sure to click the bell that appears next to the subscribe button) to get notifications when I go live. I don't have a specific schedule in mind yet, but I'm thinking I might set aside one or two nights per week to stream & work.


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