Where I Stand

My pronouns are he, him, and his. Everyone should be allowed to choose how they want to be addressed.

Black lives matter. I was blind to the system that benefitted me for so long, and I'm on a journey to better understand the world and to do my part to make it better for everyone.

Trans rights are human rights. A change in gender identity doesn't negate your civil liberties.

Love is love. That you found love is to be celebrated, not judged.

Women should decide what happens to their bodies. I have never heard a better explanation than Pete Buttigieg during the 2020 election campaign.

Science is real whether or not you agree with it. Dogma claims to know the truth and must retcon and distort to fit the facts as we learn more about the universe. Science is the act of seeking the truth whether or not it proves your hypothesis wrong, and whether or not it contradicts what we thought to be true last month.

Get vaccinated, stay home when you can, and wear a mask when you must go out. There are people who can't get the vaccine (whichever one you're thinking of!) for legitimate medical reasons, and this isn't directed at them. If you're hesitant then stay home. During the plague they would literally lock you in your home if you showed any symptoms. Once vaccines were developed smallpox was eradicated — and that wasn't even a simple injection. The smallpox vaccination process was to squeeze an active pustule into an open wound. You're not interesting enough to get a free 5G chip.

Furthermore, for those claiming religious objections: Why is it that so many of you are so quick to ascribe a doctor's direct physical successes (e.g. a successful surgery) to your god leading their hands and hearts, but you also can't see fit to believe that the same god would be responsible for sending us the vaccine?! Either all good things are from god, or not. Don't distort your god's will to suit your own biases.

Spaces are wrong, Tabs are right. It's an accessibility issue.


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