How to Subscribe to Changes of Individual Properties Within a Svelte Store

Svelte stores are great. You can easily subscribe to them to be notified when a value changes, and react accordingly.

import { writable } from 'svelte/store';
import type { Filter } from './ListFilterTypes';

export const emptyFilter: Filter = {
filterId: null,
filterName: '',
operator: null,
not: false,
value: '',
min: '',
max: ''

export const filter = writable<Filter>(Object.assign({}, emptyFilter));
import { filter } from './store';

filter.subscribe(($filter) => {
/* do awesome stuff */

But stores like the one above, which contain an entire object with various properties in it, always notify subscribers if any property changes. What if you have a special case where you want a subscription that only executes when the value property is updated?

I scratched my head on this for a few minutes. At first I thought there might be an extra argument to the subscribe method that I could make use of. A quick scan of the docs showed that there wasn't. So what's one to do?

Use a derived store

Derived stores allow you to create a new store that is based on the value of an existing store. Any time the first store is updated the derived store gets updated.

So we can easily add a derived store to our store.ts file:

import { writable, derived } from 'svelte/store';

export const filter = writable<Filter>(Object.assign({}, emptyFilter));

export const filterValue = derived(filter, ($filter) => $filter.value);

Now there's a store named filterValue that will be updated only when filter.value changes. In all other ways we can treat it like a normal store, which means that subscribing to filter.value changes is super easy:

import { filter, filterValue } from './store';

filterValue.subscribe(($filterValue) => {
/* do awesome stuff that only needs to happen when filter.value changes */


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