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The Case for Decorators in CFML
Nov 17, 2023 The CFML language doesn't have first class support for object decorators. I think it would be pretty useful if they did. Here's one way I would use them.
Is TDD Right For Me?
Oct 27, 2021 On my journey to get better at testing I've been learning about TDD. But I'm starting to wonder if TDD is universally the 'best' design process.
My favoritesGetting Started with Taffy, 2020 Edition
Sep 10, 2020 It amazes even me how much the framework has grown since it was created; and yet it's still surprisingly easy to go from zero-knowledge to competent in just a couple of hours.
February Goals Check-In
Mar 3, 2020 The best way to meet your goals is to check your progress often. How have I been doing so far this year?

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